Wednesday the one of countless assaults on my ability to communicate my thoughts on my prescance and my nonpresence 


        Humanity is a quality that seems to be lost on most humans and if understood seems to be neglected and depression ensues due to either the what seems to be futility and inability of the individual to take action,failure in one attempts at change,or loss of will and drive or the missundertanding by others or disinformation and when a course of action is found it is too costly on of course one or more levels to most and apathy results thus making the individual “jaded” or buy love ci stock and barrel the bS and lies we are taught to buy into, ergo [Be happy ,don’t worry our bullshit is more palatable (lol) much of it is nonfactual bs.I know That I am speaking unfortunately a growing % of th population that does or should have both th intellectual and emotional IQ to comprehend this.Using an individual’s physical or mental illness or perceived weaknesses against them to me  this is tantamount to evil which neither easy to comprehend.It should be noted that for some blessings come with a curse and even the curse may be utilized if nesseseity dictates 

Like a house of cards illusions can be dispelled and truth sometimes is. Hard to bear 

Of course the best lies are told with a grain of truth yet truths surrounded by the best lies are at best a house of cards and one can at be at least inoculated hopefully if not Collapsed by remove key cards

This of course does not mean they are easily dispelled Yet exspierence this being a general observation and perception

Speaking personally I have felt and exspierenced this as well as mans seemingly unlimited capacity for treachery  and inefectual behavior as well as a contradictory nobility of spirit yet capacity for selflessness no matter how misguided. Many atrocities throughout history have been committed by both the ill willed and the well meaning.Chaos and order are really not so separate or black and white as is the case with good and evil .Many a fool has blundered into hell trying to do the “next right thing” and what is fucked up they usually take two or more heAthens with them.This I would suppose is self evidnent


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